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Jeg er officielt imponeret

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  • Jeg er officielt imponeret

    Lene's www.behagdinsmag.dk var blevet kategoriseret som porno af firmaets Blue coat webfilter og jeg bad om et sitereview via deres webformular.

    Svaret kom inden for en time - jeg havde regnet med en gang i næste uge !

    Thank you for submitting www.behagdinsmag.dk/kaffekort.html to Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

    You suggested the following rating(s): Restaurants/Dining/Food
    Your comments were: "This is a site for a small coffee shop i Aalborg Denmark. Even though the owner is a fine looking lady there is not much argument to label it pornography. ;-)"

    This site has been reviewed. Previously, it was rated as Pornography. These ratings have been changed. The site is now rated as Restaurants/Dining/Food.

    It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected in our system.

    ProxySG™ Rating Update Cycle

    It is important to note that new ratings or additions to or deletions of an existing rating are part of a daily update cycle. Blue Coat Systems© builds the update files at 5:15 PM Mountain time. Rating updates are posted at midnight Eastern time and available after that time to update the ratings on ProxySG™ devices.

    Submissions received up to 5:00 PM Mountain time are processed in that day’s batch. Any submission(s) received after 5:00 PM Mountain time; do not get processed until the following day.

    Since Blue Coat’s desktop client K9™ and certain OEM partners update differently, ratings may differ from those of a ProxySG™ as well as those present on the site submission page.

    If you continue to have problems, or if you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this message.

    Thank you,

    Blue Coat Web Filter
    [email protected]
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    Re:Jeg er officielt imponeret


    Jeg har selv solgt sikkerhedsløsninger fra store amerikanske virksomheder og der kan godt gå lidt tid før der bliver taget action på sådan en request. :dry:
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      Re:Jeg er officielt imponeret

      Hehe, prøv at teste om www.espressoporn.com er tilladt. Den bliver også blokeret i mange filtre, selvom det er ren og skær espressorelateret med billeder af "naked" shots
      Stifter af EspressoBar. Nu glad medlem!

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